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Todd A. Brisco & Associates, A Professional Corporation is a full-service law firm that represents owners and managers of commercial and residential rental property throughout the entire State of California. Our highly specialized landlord-tenant law practice area has enabled our firm to refine procedures and processes that result in tenant evictions on the fastest track permissible by law.Bankruptcy ReliefIn the rare instance a tenant files Bankruptcy, Todd A. Brisco & Associates, APC prepares and files Motions for Relief of the Automatic Stay, Order Shortening Time with the United States Bankruptcy Court and appears at the Motion for Relief from the Automatic Stay Hearing.Documents ReviewTodd A. Brisco & Associates, A Professional Corporation provides review of lease or any other documents on our client’s behalf. Our attorneys will review and draft the following documents:

  • Lease and Rental Agreement
  • Legal Notices
  • All correspondence of a legal nature to residents
  • Prepare Commercial and Residential Agreement and Addendums

Telephone ConsultationsTodd A. Brisco & Associates, A Professional Corporation are available by phone whenever our clients have questions or needs legal advise. Majority of the time these calls are free of charge to our clients.Weekly Status ReportsTodd A. Brisco & Associates, A Professional Corporation provides weekly status reports to our clients regarding status of their current evictions. Additionally, we offer to our clients 24 hour access to view current evictions via our online system.

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